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In October 1990

  The company broke out from the State-owned Equipment Department and officially established the Luoyang Guoju Test Electric Furnace Factory.

In March 1992

  Our factory made a profit, established a more advanced management team, and a strong technical department and after-sales team. The factory entered the integration stage.

In March 1999

  The company's website was established. The national torch electric furnace has all domain name suffixes of the permanent domain name www.gwdl.com and GWDL.***.

In 2003 

    The Company was named "advanced private enterprise".

In 2006

    Luoyang Guoju Experimental Electric Furnace Factory was rated as "Luoyang City Honest Private Enterprise" company with rapid development, the number of people reached 200, the factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters, the products are exported to more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, the company occurred A sudden change.

In 2007

    Our factory officially established Luoyang Juxing Kiln Co., Ltd., which became a high-tech enterprise. The company introduced departmental management to make products and services more professional.

In 2009

    The Company introduced into the ERP customer management platform to serve customers more accurately and quickly.

In 2010

    The company officially acquired the Luoyang Tailong Electric Furnace Factory due to its development needs.

In 2011

    We have received rapid attention from all walks of life. Sogou Domestic News reported on the company's integration at the beginning of the year. 


In December 2011

    Our company was rated as an advanced technology enterprise by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Luoyang City, an outstanding private enterprise, and awarded the medal of our company.

In December 2011

    Our company was appraised as Luoyang Youth Entrepreneur Association and Luoyang Youth Chamber of Commerce. General Manager Wang Guoqing was elected as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and awarded the medal of our company.

In January 2012

    In response to the government's call, the company officially moved to the advanced manufacturing cluster area of Luoyang City.

In March 2012

    The company's products were used for a long time under the 1850 degree air atmosphere, which is at the leading level in the domestic industry.

In June 2012 

    The company invested 1.2 million yuan to formally establish an independent department of the machine and sheet metal, which provided strong support and guarantee for product quality improvement and delivery efficiency.

In September 2012

    In order to better and more considerate service customers, Guoju Electric Furnace Furnace Furnace invested about 1.6 million yuan to set up a multi-functional comprehensive laboratory. We can test various samples for you (ultra-high temperature, burnout) Volume, high-temperature load, high temperature/vacuum/ atmosphere action, atmosphere sintering, vacuum sintering, rapid rise, and fall, etc.)

In January 2013 

    The qualification of the Ministry of Foreign Trade(Luoyang Guoju International Trade Co., Ltd) for independent operation.

In May 2013

    The company's vacuum furnace realized a high vacuum value of 10-6 Pa, and the temperature was classified into 1200 degree vacuum furnace, 1300 degree vacuum furnace, 1600 degree vacuum furnace, 1900 degree vacuum furnace, and 2200 degree vacuum furnace. The touch screen centralized control system has been developed to realize the control and recording of the vacuum degree, temperature, flow rate, water temperature and valve action of the vacuum screen, and the flow chart is provided. The operation of the vacuum furnace is more intuitive and convenient.

In August 2013

    The company passed the ISO9001:2008 certification of the Quality Management System (Aerospace Certification Center).

In October 2013

    The company's products participated in the 2013 International Advanced Materials Exhibition. Some of the company's products (box type electric furnace, tubular electric furnace, etc.) and the company's newly developed new products (full touchscreen control high-temperature electric furnace products) are highly concerned by overseas customers. Among them, GWL-1400 degree box-type electric furnace and GWL-1200KQGA tube type electric furnace were successfully booked by customers on-site.

In July 2018

    The company's products have obtained EU CE certification.

In August 2018

    The company has obtained provincial high-tech enterprises.