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High Temperature Bogie Hearth Electric Furnace(GWL-STCY)

  GWL-STCY Series 1200℃ to 1700℃ High-temperature Ceramic Bogie Hearth Electric Resistance Furnace is widely applicable for sintering glass materials, ceramics, sintering for kinds of ceramics, the heating treatment for metals, and heat treatment of the new materials and composite materials, chemicals, refractory materials, development of new materials and other fields.

  Ceramic bogie hearth electric resistance furnace is welded by steel and profiled steel. The furnace chamber is ceramic fiber and high-quality electric resistance wire, silicon carbide, which can save 80% energy-saving than refractory bricks kiln chamber. Shuttle kiln is mainly used for annealing, normalizing and stress relieving of bars and tubes, forgings, large weldments, and castings.

  Standard features

  • The furnace chamber size can be customized, large and small size all customizes as customers request

  • The furnace door and furnace bottom side are integrated, electric control furnace door, the motor drive reducer drives   the loading platform passes in and out, and the limited bit switch is installed

  • Loading Platform Capacity 100Kg to 10Ton (Can be modified)

  • Maximum using temperature 1700℃

  • Good working performance, nice outlook, less consumption and convenient to move

  • The programmable automatic temperature control system

  • Communication software with USB cable to the computer (optional)

  • Temperature control accuracy can reach to maximum ±1°C(Multi-Surface heating)

  • Imports of refractory material, good insulation properties, high-temperature resistance, heat shock resistance

  • Temperature controller: PID microcomputer control, automatic constant temperature, rapid temperature compensation.

  • Touch Screen Control

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • PC data recorder

  • Exhauster port

  • Over temperature controller

  • Anti-corrosion

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