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Gas Control Cabinet

  The range of GWL series gas control cabinet is specially designed for the research, development and application of tube electric furnaces for air intake, mixing, and protection.

Application Examples

  Gas inlet, Gas mixing, Flow display, Pressure test, Pressure protection, Gas leak alarm.

Standard features

  • 2 options type of gas can choose (1-10 type gas can be csutomize) 

  • Mixture by each Inlet flowmeter to adjusting the values.

  • 2 pieces of flowmeter (0-300 ml/Min According to the quantity of air inlet, Mass flowmeter and Floating ball flowmeter and so on also can be selected)

  • Positive pressure、negative pressure testing by double indicator pointer piezometer(digital display vacuum piezometer can be choose)

  • Double rotary vane vacuum pumps, Pumping speed 2L/min

  • Special PV hose for gas (clean stainless-steel tube can be used according to the demand of gas)

Pressure protection

  The system is specially made to prevent the danger of closure of the exhaust port, the blockage of the exhaust port and the excessive pressure of the furnace tube. The signal is obtained by the electric contact pressure meter or pressure sensor then the drive control module will close the electromagnetic inlet valve and starts the electromagnetic exhaust valve and the alarm. to ensure the furnace can be used properly and safely.

Gas leak alarm

  Base on gas atmosphere, to prevent the gas leak;Gas leakage alarm detected (indoor) air toxic, dangerous and other gas content exceeds a certain value, then the drive control module will shut-down the furnace, closes the inlet valve and open the air exhaust, to get the better and safer working environment.

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Pressure requirement

  • Flux accuracy control requirement

  • Remote control

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