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Controlled Silicon Trigger

Main Characteristic

GWL-AIJK series, it is an intelligent three-phase, phase shift trigger and zero crosses the dual-purpose trigger with single-chip technology, it has powerful function and reliability, it can adapt all kinds of electric resistance wire and silicon carbide rod and loaded with transformer to depressurization silicon molybdenum rod and tungsten wire and so on type industrial furnace, and also can be use at soft starter for electromotor. it main characteristic include:

1.         0-20mA(0-5V)/4-20mA(1-5V)signal compatible input;

2.         Using computer technology for doing the Linear power correction,when the load is resistive, the output power is proportional to the input signal. phase deficiency detection、over current detection;GWL-AIJK3 it also has the controlled silicon breakdown and loads opening detection;

3.         Automatic synchronization Function, to the connection of the controlled silicon trigger there is no need to check the phase sequence. GWL-AIJK3 even no need to check the polarity.

4.         Using all optoelectronic isolation and“not to burn” technology, excellent reliability, causing small interference to the input.

5.         Current feedback or delay time adjustable soft start/soft stop function can adapt silicon molybdenum Rod,tungsten wire, electromotor and inductive loads;

6.         It has the switching power supply, which can be powered directly by 220VAC,And it also has the 5V and 24V two sets of DC power output.

Difference Of Each Model

GWL-AIJK Series include 3 Model,the Function and characteristic given below:         






Load characteristics

Single,inductive,Resistive load

Resistive load

Inductive,Resistive load

Connection Model

Single item exclusive

three-phase four-wire、Double phase and Single Phase

three-phase three-wire exclusive

(Half control and full control circuit )

Fault detection and alarm

Open circuit alarm

Power deficiency phase and over current、Controlled Silicon and automatic load opening   detection

Power deficiency phase and over current

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