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High Temperature Vacuum Atmosphere Hot Press Furnace (GWL-VSF-RY)

  GWL Series High-Temperature vacuum atmosphere hot press furnace, The combination of the control system and furnace chamber, Using high-temperature alloy resistance wire (imported contain molybdenum, furnace wire surface temperature up to 1500 degrees) or silicon carbon rod or Mosi2 for the heating element. With fast heating, high thermal efficiency, long service life,  not easily deformed at high temperatures. It is easy to install and maintain. Furnace materials are using vacuum formed high-purity alumina poly-light materials, high-temperature resistance, less heating storage, no cracks, no slag, good insulation properties (energy saving effect is more than 60% of the old electric furnace). Reasonable structure, inside and outside double furnace sleeve, air cooling, can greatly shorten the test cycle.

  The press furnace using the electric precision hydraulic press with digital numeric display, equipped with imported solenoid valve, maintaining a very good pressure state,The furnace mouth has 3-4 layers of taper steps for soft sealing, and flexible high-temperature sealing strips are arranged on the steps, which can effectively absorb the expansion of the refractories of the furnace mouth and the loading table; bottom and top side module using high-temperature alloy steel (with water cooling).





Simplicity to use, Side open, intelligent control.

Standard features

  • 1650 °C maximum operating temperature; normal operating temperature range 850 °C - 1600 °C

  • Maximum heating chamber diameter 800mm (Can be customized)

  • Maximum heating chamber length  1500mm (Can be customized)

  • Vacuum degree can be -0.1Mpa(1Pa,-1Pa,-0.01Pa Can be customize)

  • Electric Precision Hydraulic 

  • Pressing force: 3-60 ton (Can be customized)

  • Pressure control: automatic or manual 

  • Pressing head: diameter 80mm or variable 

  • Travel distance 50-150mm 

  • Pressing die: silicon nitride or graphite 

  • Heating watts: 5-15KW 

  • vacuum/nitrogen/argon/oxygen 

  • Warranty: one-year limited manufacturer 

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Control software and system.

  • Multi-face heating

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Multi-temperature control

  • Touch screen control

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