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Energy Saving Environmental Protection Pusher Kiln(GWL-PK)



Rated Temperature


Long-Term Working Temperature



380VThree phase)±10%50HZ

Furnace Hearth Dimension

Length 16000mm/ Width 340mm/ Height 300mm

Power Rating

Double Channel 160KWSingle Channel 90KW,

Constant Temperature Power Rating:≤60KW Double Channel,35KW Single Channel

Base On Customer Request Can Be Customized Double   Channel Or Single Channel

Temperature Control Accuracy

±1℃(After Steady State

Temperature difference of cross section


Furnace Hearth Requirement

Furnace Hearth Using Single Or   Double Channel Structure

Furnace Hearth brick material

Special Corundum Mullite(High Temperature Zone);Heavy High Purity alumina (low temperature zone) + high strength   anti peeling alumina hollow ball products + light insulation brick + fiber

Furnace Hearth Bottom Chute Material

99 corundum High   Temperature antiwear material

Plug Brick Material

high strength anti peeling alumina hollow ball products

Steel Structure Of Furnace Shell

Split Structure; Welded by 8# steel and 6# equilateral   angle steel and 3 mm steel.

Exhaust Ports

Set up on the top of the furnace, which can be used to discharge the burned   exhaust gas, the exhaust volume can be adjusted. The structure of the chimney adopts the external steel   tube, Heat   transfer forward from heating area, so that the kiln products to achieve low-temperature   preheating, to prevent product cracking.

Temperature zone arrangement

Preheating area: 3 meters, Middle temperature area:3   meters, 4 groups to control;

High temperature area 5 meters, 3 groups to control

Heating Element

Silicon Carbide Rod / Silicon Molybdenum Rod

Pusher Speed

600-2500 mm/h

Propulsion Device

Hydraulic propulsion. Use synchronous propulsion. Propulsion platform   made of wear-resistant porcelain strips

Standard Accessories

Heating Elements, Pusher Plate, Connecting Aluminum   Strip, Porcelain Clamp, Plug Brick


Excellent cooling characteristics, Simplicity of operation, Guaranteed the product quality, Fast   temperature rise rate, high heat utilization rate;

1.      Pusher kiln is divided into 8   temperature zones and 8 temperature control points.

2.      The electric kiln is beautiful,   generous and tidy

3.      Pusher plate material made of corundum   mullite, Average working life of more than 120 times

4.      The propulsion system is provided with   slow forward, fast rewind and automatic walking function

Furnace Hearth Dimension, Temperature   Range And Working Functions Can Be Customized, More Details Please Contact Us

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