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High Temperature Vacuum Atmosphere Chamber Furnace(Corrosion Resistance Without Water Cooling)

  The GWL series range of GWL-ZQLB corrosion resistance without water cooling high-temperature vacuum muffle box type furnaces consists of metallic furnaces made of Silicon carbide rod and Silicon molybdenum rod.

  The GWL range is available in 8 different sizes. The smallest designs with a capacity of 4.5 liters and 30 liters are typically employed by laboratories for research and development. The 420-liter furnaces are predominantly used as pilot manufacturing systems or large scale production.

  The metallic furnaces permit the greatest possible purity of inert atmosphere and final vacuum level in the vacuum region (-0.1 Mpa). Upon request, an ultra-high vacuum can be configured. Common gases that are typically used include: Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen or mixtures. 


Application Examples

  The carbon-free atmosphere, metal injection moulding (MIM), metallization, sintering

Standard features

  • Vacuum chamber muffle furnaces provide a precisely defined atmosphere with the highest possible purity (6 N or better)

  • Vacuum chamber muffle furnaces offer the best possible vacuum

  • Hydrogen partial pressure operation if requested

  • Precisely controlled vacuum pumping speeds appropriate for powders

  • Data recording for quality management

  • Pressure protection

  • Less atmosphere influence 

  • Corrosion Resistance

Technical details

  Inside the chamber, heating elements are possibly customized base on customer required positioned at the bottom, left, right, and top sides of the furnace chamber allowing for improved temperature uniformity. For larger volumes, Multi-face heating can maintain excellent temperature uniformity. 

  The heating element long-term working temperature will change during different atmosphere, more details please confirm with us before order.

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