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High Temperature Vacuum Atmosphere Top Loading Furnace(GWL-J)

  The range of GWL Vacuum top loading furnace offers the benefits of simultaneous heating and mixing of the sample, in addition to the use of an inert atmosphere. 

  Our state-of-the-art Crucible Furnaces are equipped with fully automatic heating systems. They are built for rugged Industrial service and laboratory testing and are shipped in a turnkey condition ready for installation and immediate operation.

  The system is specially made to prevent the danger of closure of the exhaust port, the blockage of the exhaust port and the excessive pressure of the furnace tube. The signal is obtained by the electric contact pressure meter or pressure sensor then the drive control module will close the electromagnetic inlet valve and starts the electromagnetic exhaust valve and the alarm. to ensure the furnace can be used properly and safely.

  *It is essential to discuss your application with us to ensure the suitability of the material for use in this equipment. 


Simplicity to use, Top Open, Excellent temperature uniformity

Standard features

  • 1650 °C maximum operating temperature; normal operating temperature range 850 °C - 1600 °C

  • Maximum heating chamber diameter 800mm

  • Maximum heating chamber length  1500mm

  • Vacuum degree can be -0.1Mpa

  • Fully automatic

  • The multichannel integrated synchronization control

  • Temperature uniformity(Base on chamber dimension, Maximum ±5℃)

  • Sealed with the stainless steel 310S MaterialVary according to furnace temperature, Can be removable under the high-temperature environment.

  • Double stage direct rotary vane vacuum pump

  Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Inert gas packages available on request

  • Furnace chamber dimension

*Content may be subject to modifications or corrections

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