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Version 1.0 Computer Control software

1.         Software control composition :Install CD, USB Data Cable, Cipher dog.

2.         Windows2000、XP、Server、Vista,Windows 7、8 and so on.

3.         Language:Chinese/ English。

4.         Control Object:Temperature、Pressure 、Flux、Rotation speed、Trip and so on。

5.         Operation parameter:Start on the computer, suspend, stop, up and down curves, save curves, instrument screens, historical trend (graphics and text), data report forms (EXCEL), alarm information, data export, process flow, system management and so on.

6.         Display parameter:Running Curve、Running Segment、Segment Time、Segment Running Time、Figure Temperature、Real-time display、100% Rated Power output.

7.         historical data storage time: permanent.

8.         The quantity of heating up curves: N.

9.         Recording point interval:0.1Sec -9999sec(Can be modified)。

10.      Control furnace quantity:1-128.

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