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High Temperature Vacuum Aging Furnace

    GWDL Aging Furnace is a transformation of the original structure of a small rotary kiln. The combination of the mechanical pump and the molecular pump was used to increase the vacuum demand. The maximum vacuum degree could reach 10-3Pa. Special-shaped furnace tube is adopted to improve the filling rate of materials in the furnace tube. Mass flowmeter and touch screen control are adopted. All control information is clear at a glance. It can be customized to add a variety of atmosphere content detection and other functions.

    The furnaces are suitable for batch material processing. Customers can set the insulation time on the touch screen according to the characteristics of the body material to simplify the operation.

    The single-zone and multi-zone have a maximum operating temperature of 950 °C(Depending on the furnace tube's material (310S stainless steel as an example)). All models are available with full heated lengths of either 9000 mm or 12000 mm. The angle of inclination can be easily adjusted between horizontal and 30°.  

  *It is essential to discuss your application with us to ensure the suitability of the material for use in this equipment. 

Standard features

  • The use temperature of electric furnace depends on the material choice of furnace tube

  • Heated lengths options(3000、4000、5000、6000、9000、12000 and so on)

  • Heating tube diameter(80、90、100、110、150、220、300 or bigger)

  • Single zone models fitted with PID controller with the single ramp to setpoint

  • 3-zone models: Centre zone fitted with PID controller. End zones fitted with slave controllers

  • Single or 3-zone models or multiple heating zones

  • Adjustable inclination and rotation speeds offer the flexibility of residence time

  • Vacuum degree maximum can be 10-3Pa

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • 5-liter capacity heavy duty vibratory feeder and hopper(Capacity can be customized)

  • Quartz (up to 1200 °C) or metallic (up to 800 °C) work tubes or alumina tube(up to 1600 °C)

  • Inert gas packages available on request

  • Flow monitoring mode and Tail gas treatment mode can be customized

*Content may be subject to modifications or corrections

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