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High Temperature Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace With Gas Control Cabinet(GWL-GA)

The GWL Series high-temperature tube furnaces are designed for horizontal orientation and operation up to 1700 °C.

The high-grade insulation material consisting of fiber plates provides low energy consumption and high heating rates due to its low thermal conductivity. The insulation and silicon carbide rod and the molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements are installed in a rectangular housing can be easily replaced. At higher temperatures and in the presence of oxygen, MoSi2 develops an oxide layer which protects the heating elements against further thermal or chemical corrosion. 

 The system is specially made to prevent the danger of closure of the exhaust port, the blockage of the exhaust port and the excessive pressure of the furnace tube. The signal is obtained by the electric contact pressure meter or pressure sensor then the drive control module will close the electromagnetic inlet valve and starts the electromagnetic exhaust valve and the alarm. to ensure the furnace can be used properly and safely.

  Base on gas atmosphere, to prevent the gas leakGas leakage alarm detected (indoor) air toxic,   dangerous and other gas content exceeds a certain value, then the drive control module will shut-down the furnace, closes the inlet valve and open the air exhaust, to get the better and safer working environment.

Application Examples

annealing, carbonisation, crystal growth, debinding, degassing, drying, glowing, hardening, metal injection moulding (MIM), pyrolyses, rapid prototyping, sintering, sublimation, synthesis, tempering

Standard features

  • 1700 °C maximum operating temperature

  • Double layer furnace shell air cooling ensure the surface temperature less than 45℃

  • Temperature accuracy :±1℃; Temperature uniformity:±1℃(Base on Heating zone size) 

  • intelligent current and voltage meter temperature controller, simple to use, Programmable

  • Optimised for vertical usage

  • Accepts work tubes with outer diameters up to 150 mm 

  • Heated lengths of 150, 250 or 500 up to 1200mm

  • Low thermal mass ceramic fibre insulation

  • Vertically hanging, high quality MoSi2 heating elements

  • Double loop protection(over current, over temperature and over voltage etc)

  • Metal, Quartz, Corundum materials can be selected as the tube material

  • Vacuum degree can be -0.1Mpa

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers, and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications

  • A range of additional work tubes is available in a variety of materials

  • Insulation plugs & radiation shields are strongly recommended for high-temperature vertical tube furnaces to prevent heat loss & improve uniformity

  • The modified atmosphere and vacuum assemblies are available

  • Vacuum packages with a choice of rotary vane pump or turbomolecular pump are available for furnaces with tube inner diameters of 60 mm and above

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